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Turbulent Tides...
May 4 2011   Kaze Kikotsu
I apologize to my staff and viewers. My family has been going through some rough and very emotional times the past few month as my mother died of cancer on April 26. I plan to get SD back up and running properly in the coming months. If you applied to be a staff, I got it, and I'll contact you in the next few weeks. See you then.

   Hello everyone! Starlight Designs (SD) is a free web graphics site. You can download premade layouts, avatars, buttons, banners, etc, and you can request them too. Starlight Designs has been around since February 17th, 2002. SD has moved around a lot going from Geocities to Brinkster then to a host (pinkusagi.com) and then finally to its own domain. Finally, Starlight Designs made one last, and final, move to its own domain name, StarlightDesigns.ORG.

Starlight Designs is currnetly on it's 11th layout featuring Fai from Tsubasa Resevior Chronicle. The layout was created by Kaze Kikotsu, and features tables, reds, black, and neutral tones.

Please be sure to read the policies & copyright information before taking anything for personal use. Thank you and please enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, complaints, or comments please send them to Kaze Kikotsu. Thank you.
♥ Kaze Kikotsu
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